Gray Is Green

Gray Is Green LogoGray Is Green is the leading environmental communications, education, and advocacy organization for older adult Americans working collaboratively with partner organizations. Our greenest generations are calling for a cleaner, healthier future for everyone. Gray Is Green is the “go to” organization for America’s expanding generations of older adults interested in leaving a green legacy of resilience, sustainability, and conservation to children, grandchildren and on. We respond to the future question, “What did you do when you knew?”

Our resources include our website featuring our introductory curriculum and archival references, a periodic newsletter, a speakers bureau, a Facebook page featuring immediate updates, and a sustaining network of organizational partnerships.

We serve as a clearinghouse for older adults interested in greening their lives, learning about sustainability, advocating for sound climate change policy, and serving as resources for younger people involved in sustainability.

We invite your support as a contributing member.