Legacy of Wisdom

Legacy of Wisdom LogoThe Legacy of Wisdom project, originally based in Switzerland and now also operating events in North America, is dedicated to creating a vision with practical applications of “wise living and aging.” Its founding was generated through the work of Ram Dass, Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi, Jay Goldfarb, Tom Valente and Roshi Joan Halifax. Other supporters have been Mary Catherine Bateson, Bob Atchley, Rick Moody, Al Kaszniak and others. Our main focus has been a growing library (200+) of “video answers to key questions” from some of our most respected generation leaders is available in our archive library. Most originals are in English and many have been fitted with sub-titling in other languages such as German. We keep it simple to provide an easier avenue for understanding, limiting our research to just 22 questions in five main areas of aging:

  • Mission and Fulfillment;
  • Aging Lifestyles and Relationships;
  • Health and Healthcare;
  • Legal and Finances;
  • End of Life Preparations.

Over the past years, in collaboration with our Swiss medical team and our team at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Legacy of Wisdom has broadened its offerings beyond the video work to a program dedicated to improving Quality of Life in seniors. Our “Driving Longevity” program was developed out of the latest medical research for improving mobility and reducing falls in seniors. This is a multi-protocol intervention that is in development in the Health and Healthcare section. The launch event was conducted at Harvard Medical School in 2014 and further events are being planned globally for the future. We also publish findings from

Conferences and workshops we have conducted, providing links to good resources and research. Global in perspective and multigenerational in reach, we know that living wisely should occur at all ages. Our dedication is to normalize the paradigm of wisdom in living.