Spirituality & Practice

Spirituality & Practice LogoThe Elder Spirituality Project of Spirituality and Practice¬†provides resources for elders’ spiritual journeys throughSpiritualityandPractice.com, a multi-faith website with a large wisdom archive. A special section of the website includes curated content on elder spirituality, including quotes about elderhood, spiritual practices for elders from all¬†religions and spiritual paths, the best books for elders, children’s picture books about grandparents, book excerpts, DVDs about elders and conscious aging, documentaries about inspiring elders, art for and about elders, wise elders who are spiritual teachers, and other articles.

The Project launched with a series of interactive e-courses led by spiritual teachers known for their insights into the spiritual blessings and challenges of later life. To keep the e-courses affordable and easily accessible, they are delivered by email. Participants then create virtual communities in the online “Practice Circles” where they share their experiences. These programs are now available on-demand.