Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The member organizations in the Conscious Aging Alliance share a vision of a society in which the norm is for its older adults to respond to the call from within to claim the role of elder. We envision a society in which older adults are:

  • committed to growing emotionally, creatively and spiritually
  • sharing their wisdom and giving their gifts for the wellbeing of the larger community, the generations to follow, and their own fulfillment
  • using their collective strength to advocate for life-supportive laws and public policies
  • recognized as vital to the wellbeing of society and honored for serving the community as its elders
  • seen by the younger generations as models for the beautiful unfolding of human potential after middle age adulthood.
  • Deepening their inner lives to help society recognize that quality of life involves balance amount of doing with quality of being.

Our Mission

Conscious AgingWe work towards making our collective vision reality by working together to support all our individual organizational missions, and to collectively increase societal awareness of the importance of conscious elders in helping the global community successfully meet the critical challenges facing us so that we leave a healthy world for our descendents. Our ways of working are diverse, but all have a strong focus on the importance of inner work and personal wholeness in creating a culture that honors and nurtures conscious elders. Our passion for changing the face of aging is strong and unwaivering. The Conscious Aging Alliance strives to serve as a model of the power of collaboration around shared vision—of the collaboration that is critical in healing our wounded world and creating a healthy future.

Each quarter our Alliance creates the Conscious Aging Alliance Common Calendar to showcase our various programs and services. For those exploring Conscious Aging for the first time as well as those well on this path, this Calendar can serve as a rich resource.

Individual Alliance members also team up with other members to create programs and events that draw on their mutual strengths. You will be able to learn about these collaborative projects under the “Events” section of this website.

Other Collaborations

The Conscious Aging Alliance is actively involved in two other collaborations. We are proud to be a member of the Conscious Elders Network and of the Encore Network, each of which is playing a significant role in changing the face of aging in today’s world.